This seminar is organized by a group of PhD students in Dynamical Systems from the Barcelona Area.

We organize two different type of activities:

  • Courses: consist on a collection of lectures which are imparted by the members of the Chaotic Seminar themselves. At each seminar we also invite a senior researcher to give an introductory or concluding lecture.

  • Talks: we invite different professors or students to present their work or the fundamentals of their area. They vary in length and content depending on the speaker.

The lectures are public and everyone interested is very welcome.

Due to COVID-19, the seminar now takes place online.

Unless stated otherwise, they take place every two weeks at IMUB, in the historical building of Universitat de Barcelona.

Current Course

Combinatorial Dynamics in dimension 1

Semester: February, March, December 2020 and January, February 2021

Introductory Lecture:

Speaker: Prof. Michal Misiurewicz (University of Indiana).
Schedule: February 25th, 9am.
Location: Centre de recerca matemàtica .

Self-taught Lectures:

  • Lecture #1: March 10th, 9 am.
  • Lecture #2: December 16th, 10am.
  • Lecture #3: December 22th, 9:30am.
  • Lecture #4: January 13th , 10am.
  • Lecture #5: January 20th, 10am.
  • Lecture #6: January 27th, 10am.
  • Lecture #7: February 3rd, 10am.

The self-taught lectures will be held online.