Past Events



Group Talks:

On this sessions, the members and attendants of the seminar prepare 15′-20′ talks to present their current research topic or interesting work they have been working.

  • Session 4 (12 December 2019): Talks by Mariana Queiroz Velter ( Universidade Federal de Goiás -UAB), Begoña Nicolás (UB), Mar Giralt (UPC), Dan Paraschiv (UB).
  • Session 3 (28 November 2019): Talks by Salvador Borrós (UAB), Iván Sánchez (UAB), Miriam Romero (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos – UB).
  • Session 2 (15 May 2019): Talks by Oscar Rodriguez (UPC), Salvador Borrós (UAB), Stefano Pasquali (UPC).
  • Session 1 (8 May 2019): Talks by Mar Giralt (UPC), Clara Cufí (UAB), Gladston Duarte (UB), Filippo Giuliani (UPC).